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University of Oregon

Graphic design & marketing

I have extensive experience preparing print-ready digital and offset files for vendors and internal print queues. My experience with prepress production includes pre-flighting to ensure files contain correct output options for print, on-site press checks, and troubleshooting file issues.


I created and edited copy for web and print marketing collateral, developed original content to market Print Services, and provided education on print-specific requirements along with user instructions for online ordering systems.


My web design and content management experience include maintaining online content while collaborating with development teams to analyze and resolve usability issues. My digital and web experience includes the use of cloud-based web development platforms with working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS, Drupal editor, Adobe Premier, motion graphics, social media and email marketing, and the creation of web-ready digital ads and banners.


I provided orientation and training to university student interns along with ongoing supervision and mentorship while maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment.

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